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Wastes and Traps

A range of Wastes and Traps.

  Product Code Product Price
TCPWBOTEXTCP Bottle Trap Extension Pipe & Flange £55.00
TCWP231CP Cistern Pull £145.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCPWUWPB Universal Basin Waste (Clic & Freeflow) £69.00
TCWP646NP Basin Floor Inlet Set (Pr) £285.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCWP633PB Basin Wall Inlet Set (Pr) £190.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCWP654PB Cistern Inlet Set £110.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCWP722EXTPPB Basin "P" Trap Waste Pipe Extension & Flange £55.00
TCWP823NP Basin Waste Set £145.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCWP823VPB Basin Waste Set (For Vanity Bowl) £155.00
TCWPHLFPPB High Level Flush Pipe and Clips £349.00
TCWPLLFPPB Low Level Flush Pipe £125.00
TCWPHLFP-4PB High Level 4 Part Flush Pipe £550.00
TCWPLLFPEXTPB Low Level Flush Pipe Extension Piece £45.00
TCWP383PB Vertical Bath Outlet £155.00   FREE DELIVERY
TCWP383UF Vertical Bath Outlet Unfinished £90.00
TCWPWS130PB Washbasin Stand £499.00
TCWP722EXTSPB Basin "S" Trap Waste Pipe & Flange £125.00
TCWP722SPB Basin "S" Trap £185.00
TCWP722PPB Basin "P" Trap £165.00