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Thomas Crapper & Co
Ashbrow Mills, Ashbrow Road , Huddersfield, HD2 1DU, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Lucinda Lambton.
Acclaimed photographer, architectural historian, author and broadcaster.
Work includes 'Temples of Convenience' (Book), 'On the Throne' and 'The Alphabet of Britain' (B.B.C. Television).

"TERRIFIC!! I have to rub my eyes in wondrous disbelief at the splendours you produce. With the happiest mix of distinguished scholarship and sensational salesmanship, you are doing great honour to the memory of Thomas Crapper. I am full of admiration".

Dr. Adam Hart-Davis.
Respected scientist, author, columnist and broadcaster.
Work includes the book and B.B.C. Television series 'What the Victorians did for us". 

"Fundamentally, the lavatory works; it is comfortable, and the thunderous flush is highly efficient. Thomas Crapper lavatories are superb".

David Eveleigh.
Social historian, museum curator and author of the most diligently-researched, well-illustrated and readable book on the subject: 'Bog, Baths and Basins'. 

"... these products are not generalised patterns made in the usual diluted 'heritage' style; they are almost identical to those in 1880's - 1900's catalogues. The attention to detail is quite remarkable. A skilful blending of modern materials with careful attention paid to the original designs".