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In honour of Mr Tim FitzHigham’s epic, dangerous yet hilarious crossing of the English Channel in a Crapper bathroom-boat, we are proud to introduce the ‘FitzHigham’ loo pan!


In the nineteenth century, most W.C.s were given a name, which was normally proudly displayed on the china. In this case, it is our ‘Venerable’ exact-replica W.C. bowl, re-designated as ‘The FitzHigham’. In addition, on the rim there is a cartoon drawn by Tim, depicting him half-way across the Channel. On the top of the pan, at the back, brief details of the trip are recorded.

We know of only one other commemorative W.C. in history: it was made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

‘The FitzHigham’ is the same price as ‘The Venerable’, (£474.69, including v.a.t. and carriage) but HALF OF THE PROFIT IS DONATED TO COMIC RELIEF.

fitzHigham web 02This is a strictly limited edition; only 100 pans will ever be made.

If you are interested, please contact us

For further details about Tims’ voyage, please see: Rowing across the channel in a Crapper bath!, He’s done it! Tim has crossed the English Channel! and The Finish! Tower Bridge!. Also, ‘In the Bath’, the book of the adventure.