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Thomas Crapper & Co
Ashbrow Mills, Ashbrow Road , Huddersfield, HD2 1DU, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Thomas Crapper (aka Bwian) was purchased as a foal, and has been carefully produced by trainer Robin Dickin as a future National Hunt chaser.

Thomas Crapper the Racehorse

The whole 'Thomas Crapper' racehorse idea has been the brainchild of Warrick Knott, Commercial Director, Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd. If anyone asks Warrick how it all began, he'll tell a simple story:

"One morning I was chatting with our business neighbour Robin Dickin (Robin Dickin Racing). Robin was telling me about this fantastic horse he owned, that he'd bought as a foal and was now ready to race. Robin was full of enthusiasm, being sure that this horse was a winner, all he had to do was give him a proper name. It was at this point that I said we should call him 'Thomas Crapper'! Robin almost fell over, his sides splitting. When we both regained our composure, thought about it more, it seemed not only amusing but a great idea. I started to formulize the marketing and P. R. opportunities, not only for us but for other members of an owners syndicate. The only thing I had to do was think of an owners name, something catchy, something memorable, perhaps a web address, then lightening struck......apis! Yet again, once composure had been regained, Claire Dickin and I began seriously working on the project, building a web site, putting a syndicate together, etc. It's been fun and certainly has gained some attention."

You can follow Thomas on Facebook and a new website will be coming very soon.