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Thomas Crapper & Co
Ashbrow Mills, Ashbrow Road , Huddersfield, HD2 1DU, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Taps and Mixers

A range of high quality Taps and Mixers for a variety of applications from Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd.

  Product Code Product Price
TCBW1920403WSPB 1920 3 tap-hole wall mixer (short spout) PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920402CP 1920 2Th Bridge Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920702BSMDCP 1920 Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920702BSMWCP 1920 Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920702BSMFSCP 1920 Floorstanding Bath Shower Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920401CP 1920 Monobloc Basin Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920501CP 1920 Monobloc Bidet Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920403WCP 1920 Three Tap-Hole Wall Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920403LCP 1920 Three Tap-Hole 'Low' Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920701SPOUTCP 1920 Wall Mounted Bath Spout PLEASE CALL
TCBW1920700COLCP 1920 Floorstanding Bsm Support Collar PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB402PB Marlborough 1/2" Pillar Taps PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB403PB Marlborough 3 Tap Hole Basin Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702BSMPB Marlborough Bath/Shower Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702BSMEXPB Marlborough Bath/Shower Mixer Extended Spout PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702FPPB Marlborough Floor Standpipes PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702BFCP Marlborough Bath Filler PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB401CP Marlborough Monobloc Basin Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB501CP Marlborough Monobloc Bidet Mixer PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702WUPB Marlborough Wall Unions PLEASE CALL
TCBWMB702DUPB Marlborough Deck Unions PLEASE CALL