Thomas Crapper & Co

Thomas Crapper & Co
Ashbrow Mills, Ashbrow Road , Huddersfield, HD2 1DU, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0)1789 450 522
Fax: +44(0)1789 450523



A wide range of Showers and accessories from Thomas Crapper and Co Ltd.

  Product Code Product Price
TCSH19209150DCP 1920 1/2" Concealed 2-Way Diverter PLEASE CALL
TCSH19209154CCP 1920 1/2" Concealed Stop Valve C PLEASE CALL
TCSH19209154HCP 1920 1/2" Concealed Stop Valve H PLEASE CALL
TCSH19209154NCP 1920 1/2" Concealed Stop Valve N PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920314220CP2201 1920 220mm Shower Rose PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920314300CP 1920 300mm Shower Rose PLEASE CALL
TCMBSH918PB Comte 460mm Shower Rose (18") PLEASE CALL
TCMBSH914PB Marlborough Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve PLEASE CALL
TCSH19203293CP 1920 Concealed thermostatic Trim Set PLEASE CALL
TCSH19203296CP 1920 Trim Set for Thermostat with Stop Valve PLEASE CALL
TCMBSH912PB Marlborough Thermostatic Shower PLEASE CALL
TCSH19203274/220CP 1920 Exposed Thermostatic BSM PLEASE CALL
TCSH19203284/220CP 1920 Exposed Thermostatic Shower PLEASE CALL
SHEAD11 Marlborough Thermostatic Shower Rose PLEASE CALL
TCMBSH912HSPB Marlborough Thermostatic Shower with Handspray PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920302CP 1920 Slider Rail with hose, handset and outlet elbow PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920304CP 1920 Hand Shower, Wall Mounted Cradle, Hose and Wall Outlet PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920311CP 1920 Ceiling Mounted Shower Arm 225mm PLEASE CALL
TCSH1920303CP 1920 Wall Mounted Shower Arm 350mm PLEASE CALL