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Thomas Crapper & Co
The Stable Yard, Alscot Park, Stratford on Avon, CV37 8BL, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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Our Famous Castings, including exact replicas of cast iron cisterns and ornate brackets in our private collection. 

  SKU Product Price
TC200754PB Cistern Brackets £235.00
TC200754UF1 Cistern Brackets And Pattresses £125.00   FREE DELIVERY
TC400CR736PB1 Cloakroom Basin Brackets £180.00
TC400CR736UF Cloakroom Basin Brackets And Pattresses £90.00   FREE DELIVERY
TC814HLUF1 High Level Cast Cistern ‘Primed for Painting’ £765.00
TC814HL12 High Level Polished Brass Cistern £2359.00
TC814HLPA High Level Polished Cistern £1100.00
TC814LLUF1 Low Level Cast Cistern ‘Primed for Painting’ £765.00
TC814LLPB1 Low Level Polished Cistern £2359.00
TC814LLPA1 Low Level Polished Metal Cistern £1100.00
TC814HLCR1 Powder Coated High Level Cast Cistern £785.00
TC814LLCR1 Powder Coated Low Level Cast Cistern £785.00
TC4007913PB1 Seat and Basin Brackets £235.00
TC4007913UF Seat and Basin Brackets With Pattresses £165.00