Thomas Crapper & Co. - Thermostatic Valves (three-quarter inch) (wood handwheel). Thermostatic Valves - Three Quarter Inch B.S.P Valves with wood handwheel, ideal for Heated Towel Rails and Central Heating Radiators.
About Thomas Crapper Approved Items Products by OTHER firms which (unusually) are so authentic, they complement our sanitaryware. Please see bottom of page.

Thermostatic Valves (three-quarter inch) (wood handwheel)

Thomas Crapper & Co. - Thermostatic Valves (three-quarter inch) (wood handwheel)
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Three-Quarter Inch B.S.P Thermostatic Valves, ideal for Heated Towel Rails, Radiator Towel Rails and small/medium central heating radiators. The 'handwheels' are solid, walnut or ebonised wood. Stunning.

Please specify walnut or ebonised handwheels when ordering.

Quite the finest valves we have ever seen. Beautifully engineered with great attention to detail. These are just like the valves of 80-90 years ago. Items such as these exude quality; it is these small, authentic details that really 'make' the room. Do not fit them to only your towel rails - your central-heating radiators deserve them too!

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About Thomas Crapper Approved Items

Selected Products by Other Firms.

Thomas Crapper & Co. began re-manufacturing our products of 100 years ago because we were so dissatisfied with so-called 'reproduction' bathroom fittings.

Many such 'reproductions' may be period-style but they are seldom authentic . Generally, they are modern basins, W.C.s, taps &c., the moulds for which having been altered in order that the products appear old-fashioned. A few ornate features are added while other details are inevitably omitted. There is mention of 'hand finishing' and 'attention to detail' but, usually, such goods are mass-produced.

Happily there are a few exceptions. Other firms have produced certain items of comparable quality and authenticity, which complement perfectly our W.C.s and washbasins. We are pleased to supply these selected fittings direct to our customers. In Mr. Crapper's day, the firm used to supply selected wares from Twyfords, Royal Doulton, George Jennings (et al) - but ONLY IF HE APPROVED!

About Thomas Crapper Approved Items
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